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Our Story

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About Us

Founded March 2021, Away with Lanae, LLC was established specifically to create impactful experiences for their clients. The company’s long-term commitment is to demonstrate accessibility to travel, expand cultural awareness, and social mindfulness. Furthermore, Away with Lanae, LLC is doing its part to encourage significant life-changing encounters for clients to venture outside of their usual range of familiarity and experience new societies. Our team is trained to exceed industry standards while also having access to cutting-edge technology and resources. So, whether you're stirring up the grit to take your first flight or you're a carefully prepared explorer, we're here to assist you with arranging and navigating the many variables of travel.

About Founder

Cherelle is a Chicago native and enthusiastic international explorer. She has an undergraduate degree in Interpersonal Communication and a Master of Business Administration (MBA). Originally chronicling her adventures to 14 different countries via social media platforms, she has been able to show how accessible travel really is for the everyday person. At the encouragement of family and friends, Cherelle turned her passion into a business, developing the ever-evolving travel agency, Away with Lanae, LLC. Because of her MBA instructive achievement, she exhibits the necessary business savvy to help her clients make educated travel decisions. In addition, as her reputation proceeds her through obvious industry knowledge and professionalism, her qualifications are also evident in the many long term business relationships she’s formed with her peers as well as other travel vendors.


Cherelle's zest for adventure and learning about diverse cultures has taken her to countries all over the world. Just a few of her travel memories include swimming with sharks and stingrays in Caye Caulker, climbing Dunn’s River Falls, getting lost in the streets of Zürich, Germany, and even skydiving near her hometown. She is fascinated by the world and its cultural value. Working in the travel sector and assisting in the creation of new experiences at Away with Lanae, LLC is a driving force behind her purpose. Cherelle is dedicated to promoting Black tourism and advocating for inclusion in the tourism sector.

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